Window Cleaning Services in Dover Kent


For the best window cleaning Dover Kent, and surrounds, call MWC. We have both the experience and reliability to ensure that your window cleaning needs are met fully by our team of professional Dover window cleaners.

Whether you need commercial window cleaning, perhaps for a shop, or office….or, your needs are for residential window cleaning, be it for a house, bungalow, or apartment, our team know what you need, and how to deliver it.


Commercial Window Cleaning


To be the best in Dover commercial window cleaning, we know that you need flexibility in order to not impede business and customers. We know that you also need competitive pricing, as businesses today face many financial pressures. A further need is experience, you need the job done right, and, in such a way as to highlight that your business is a clean, and safe place to shop. MWC delivers all of these qualities. In fact, call us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll do everything within our power to do a deal that will make you smile!


Residential Cleaning


For residential window cleaning in Dover Kent, you need someone who has the experience to handle difficult access areas. With our pure water technology, we can reach higher levels, giving you the type of clean that will ensure that you get all the sun that nature has to offer. In addition, we offer both inside and outside window cleaning services. And, with our regular monthly cleans, your house or apartment will always be in tip top condition!

Another area that sets us apart, is the commitment to no-mess. We endeavour to ensure that your carpets, furniture, and flooring does not get water stains from sloppy tradesmenship. Yes, we aim to leave your place in a cleaner state than when we find it, so call us today for the best window cleaning services you can find, in Dover Kent!